Research and Development

      At UNI-PHARMA, research and development has been at the heart of our action since the beginning. Our every effort is aimed at developing new, pioneering medicines to treat various diseases and improve quality of life.

      Investing in R&D is investing in life

      Investing in research and development is an investment in life itself, since the new drugs that emerge can literally save lives, eradicate or stabilize diseases, and at the same time help the national health system by replacing costly operations and hospitalizations with medication.

      All this is what make us keep on questing and seeking every single day through pioneering research for the next innovation, whose scientific use will make people’s lives better.


      Every new drug that enters clinical research, every new approach to treating a disease, every new knowledge and innovation are the reasons that drive us to continue our work.

      Innovation that saves lives

      Innovation is the be-all and end-all for UNI-PHARMA. Our target is to discover new opportunities, diversify product portfolio and mobilize partners to develop innovative solutions that will bring therapeutic value to patients and healthcare professionals.

      From the new facilities to the use of cutting-edge technologies, UNI-PHARMA is committed to research and innovation so as to be able to offer solutions to every person in need.