Sustainable development
Today’s challenges for sustainability are so high that aiming at sustainable development is the only way. Through UNI-PHARMA’s strategy business risks are mitigated, negative impacts are reduced and societal challenges are addressed. With creativity, humanity and significant investments, the company builds and proves its timeless commitment to a society with a sustainable future.
UNI-PHARMA sees the future through sustainability
  • Our Commitment

The production of life-saving medicines is the primary commitment of UNI-PHARMA. But not the only one.

UNI-PHARMA commitment: a healthier world for all

For UNI-PHARMA, the never stopping effort to maintain social, ecological, and cultural protection is an integral part of its activities, which always comply with legislation, business ethics rules and fundamental human rights.

At the same time, the company applies environmental rules, promotes business ethics, contributes to the mitigation of social inequalities, while promoting and encouraging a corporate culture of respect for future generations and belief in a better world.

  • Access to Health

Science may be advancing rapidly, but even today there are a lot of people who still do not have access to essential medicines and healthcare.

Access to health solutions is every human being’s right

UNI-PHARMA cannot stand idle; therefore, it endorses the right of every human being to health. In this context:

• It collaborates with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and takes initiatives to make certain that in natural disasters, economic difficulties and social upheavals, its fellow men will not be deprived of medicines and care and will have access to necessary pharmaceutical and medical supplies.

• It addresses a growing audience through multiple actions and with the widest possible range of interest. The aim is to contribute to the prevention of the most common diseases and infections and to inform about the attitude towards and their proper treatment.

• It promises to do everything possible to make its medicines accessible to as many patients as possible, regardless of their financial situation.

  • Business Ethos

Integrity, reliability, transparency, meritocracy, discipline and a sense of responsibility are just some of UNI-PHARMA’ s values.

The ethos of a business is the basis of its success

Integrity, reliability, transparency, meritocracy, discipline, and a sense of responsibility are just some of the values of UNI-PHARMA. The faithful adherence to these principles of corporate ethics in all research activities and business practices is inextricably linked to the core of its corporate culture and strategy.

The responsibility is recognized not only in ethics and compliance with its rules, but also in areas such as the preservation and protection of intellectual property, the promotion of rational prescribing, the balanced attitude towards bioethics issues, the uninterrupted provision of high-quality scientific information services and the protection of personal data.

See a summary version of the Code of Ethics of UNI-PHARMA here.

See our Professionals’ Privacy Policy here.

See the Principles of Women’s Empowerment here.

See the Sustainability Report of UNI-PHARMA here.

In the spirit of aligning its business strategy with that of Sustainable Development, the Group decided to undertake an initiative to revise the corporate governance system. The approach focused on bringing together all corporate governance practices implemented in the Organization in a single framework, in order to align with the principles of Sustainable Development and the Organization’s Strategy, but also to create a comprehensive plan to achieve this alignment, as well as the continuous upgrading and enhancement of these practices.

The Organization has a long industrial history. The Governance System was significantly revised in 2009 in light of administrative achieving of balanced results & sustainable development in the context of EFQM accreditation. Over the years, improvements have been constantly made, with the most important taking place in 2020 within this initiative, including: review in light of ESG and the full adoption of the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, Reporting according to GRI, Annual ESG Report, Continuous Evolution of the Environmental Management System, Digitization of internal audit processes for their execution in real time, etc.

  • Supporting Society

Through intensified actions, UNI-PHARMA contributes to assisting and supporting vulnerable social groups.

Next to those in need

The aim is to relieve people who fight with dignity for a better quality of life and equal rights.

In the difficult conditions that the world is experiencing, UNI-PHARMA actively contributes to solving problems that hinder the work of Social Solidarity Bodies and Structures, while it is committed to be by their side for as long as necessary.

In specific, the CSR Team and its partners in Athens and the Greek periphery support with their presence and participation in the Actions of Love, putting into practice the anthropocentric philosophy of UNI-PHARMA.

  • Protection of the Environment

Healthy environment is the future, which is why UNI-PHARMA is committed to respecting and protecting it in every way, making proper use of natural resources and minimizing the environmental impact of its activities.

Protecting tomorrow, today

At UNI-PHARMA, actions are based on two axes:

• ‘Environmental Management’ which brings together all actions at corporate level for the continuous improvement of the ecological performance of industrial units and
• ‘Environmental Protection’ which is the result of the individual actions of all employees, regarding the preservation of environmental wealth and rational management of natural resources.

As an industry with active production of high technical standards, the company has a strong responsibility to go beyond the narrow limits of the Guidelines in areas such as:

• sewage and waste management,
• recycling of packaging materials and stationery,
• limitation of pollutant emissions from the company’s vehicles and production infrastructure,
• removal of all organic solvents from production processes,
• rational use of energy,
• bioclimatic orientation of its facilities.

UNI-PHARMA’s commitment to undertake rational environmental management actions is expressed in its Environmental Policy included in the ISO14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System.

See our Environmental Policy.

  • U.N. Global Compact
  • U.N. Global Compact

The Global Compact was created in July 2000 and is a framework that calls on businesses to align their operations and strategies according to 10 globally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, working conditions, environment, and anti-corruption.

UNI-PHARMA has been a member of the Pact since 2016. On the Global Compact website, we publish on an annual basis our commitment to the 10 principles (COP), as well as our goals and progress on the Company’s performance on key environmental, social and workplace issues.