Our People

Our people, our strength. Companions and companions in the road we are following are our people.


Product quality and safety

Compliance with regulatory requirements and internationally recognized good practices is a firm commitment for us.


Corporate Responsibility

Over half a century surrounds you with your confidence, contributing to the health and quality of life of your families.


WELCOME TO Uni-Pharma S.A Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Uni-Pharma through an integrated Corporate Social Responsibility program, with a focus on Care, Solidarity and Care, basically supports Health and prevention where there is a person.

Uni-Pharma, in collaboration with the Greek Endocrinologist, conducts information, sensitization and screening of the population on the arid line of the Aegean and more generally in remote areas of Greece for thyroid gland disorders. Exams are free of charge and are conducted by endocrinologists.

Uni-Pharma has long been a supporter of social care and awareness-raising, always supporting similar actions and initiatives.