Salus Index Awards 2016

UNI-PHARMA S.A received the “‘Excellence and Competition Award” in the field of Health-Medicine and Beauty, as part of the Salus Index Award Scheme 2016.
This comes to further certify the continuous improvement of UNI-PHARMA’s Business Model.
UNI-PHARMA’s dynamic development is based on its investments in research and development, its excellent and innovative production procedures as well as its working model which has been designed to utilize and develop personnel skills, encourage and recognize individual and team efforts, creativity, environmental sensitivity and social contribution.
It is important to mention that Salus Index Awards’ selection of nominating companies, was based on strict and objectively criteria such as:
1. Companies with high profits
2. Companies with the most employment in the Fiscal year
3. Companies with the most important Investment plans during the previous 2 years
4. Companies with investments in research and development and collaborative projects.
The award ceremony was held at the Grand Bretagne Athens Hotel, organized by the Active Business Publishing Association.