3 Prix à UNI-PHARMA pour l’environnement, la Responsabilité sociale de l’entreprise et le Développement durable

L’Industrie Pharmaceutique Uni-Pharma a remporté 2 Prix d’or dans les catégories de Développement Durable et de Responsabilité Sociale de l’Entreprise pour sa stratégie, ses actions et ses initiatives dans le cadre de la Responsabilité Sociale, la Protection de l’Environnement et la Durabilité.

En outre, Uni-Pharma a été la seule entreprise pharmaceutique à recevoir un Prix d’argent dans la catégorie des Déchets Médicaux pour ses pratiques innovantes et son engagement en faveur du recyclage intégré et de la valorisation des déchets pharmaceutiques.

Le Prix d’Or pour le Développement Durable a été reçu par M. Spyros Kintzios, Directeur du développement des affaires, le Prix d’Or de la Responsabilité Sociale et de l’Environnement, a été reçu par Mme Victoria Michailidou, spécialiste des ressources humaines, et le Prix d’Argent pour la gestion des déchets pharmaceutiques a été reçu par Mme Maria Liokalou, directrice du département de l’environnement, de l’hygiène et de la sécurité.

La remise des prix a eu lieu lors des Waste & Recycling Awards 2017 organisés par Boussias Communications le 13/12/2017 au Radisson Blu Park Hotel.

Uni-Pharma, depuis plus d’un demi-siècle, est identifié avec la qualité, la valeur ajoutée, l’innovation et la responsabilité, et est particulièrement fier de la reconnaissance de son travail

Uni-Pharma and the Hellenic Endocrinology Society bring Health Care and prevention to the remote islands of the Aegean Sea

Between the 9th and the 12th of June, Hellenic Endocrinology Society, with the support of Uni-Pharma, carried out the first part of an action of informing, sensitizing and examining the population on remote islands of the Aegean Sea  (Koufonissi , Irakleia, Schinoussa, Karpathos and Kasos) about thyroid gland disorders. The exams were free of charge and were performed by special Endocrinologists.
Uni-Pharma is a temporal helper in social awareness issues and always supports respective movements.
Next destinations for this action are the islands of Folegandros, Sikinos and Anafi on dates that will be announced.

Together we ALWAYS win

Uni-Pharma is highly committed to CSR actions and initiatives and through the Social Responsibility Program U&I Care are honored to support the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”.

The company support the important vision and actions of the Association that is to enhance breast cancer awareness in Greece, increase early detection, and strongly communicate the message of hope and alertness to all women.

In addition, Uni-Pharma participated in the 9th Greece Race for Cure through the Running Team of employees with the motto “Together we ALWAYS win”.

Mission of Life

Through a holistic program of Corporate Social Responsibility, Uni-Pharma supports underprivileged communities and promotes access to medical information and treatment.

In collaboration with the Hellenic Endocrinology Society, Uni-Pharma carries out actions for the population of remote areas in Greece, informing them about thyroid gland disorders and offering medical examinations. The examinations are free and are performed by Endocrinologists.

Uni-Pharma has always been a supporter of social care and awareness-raising, continuously supporting similar actions and initiatives.

A 2-day free thyroid check-up event by Uni-Pharma

Uni-Pharma throughout a holistic Social Responsibility strategy and in the light of Solidarity actively supports Health care and Prevention wherever humans exist.
Uni-Pharma together with the Hellenic Endocrinology Society carried out the first part of an action of informing, sensitizing and examining the population on remote islands of the Aegean Sea (Koufonissi, Irakleia, Schinoussa, Karpathos and Kasos) about thyroid gland disorders. The medical exams were free of charge and were performed by Endocrinologists.
Uni-Pharma is a temporal helper in social awareness issues and always supports respective movements.
On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 of October the Mission of Life visited  the village Vourgareli in the mountain area of Arta.
The Greek Minister of the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction  Mrs. Olga Gerovasily visited the area of Vourgareli and congratulated the owners of Uni-Pharma, Mrs Ioulia and Irene Tsetis for this outstanding initiative as well as the team of volunteer doctors.
It is worth mentioning, that more than 120 people have been examined by the doctors in the local health center of Vourgareli.


For another year, Uni-Pharma participated in PHARMApoint pharmaceutical conference organized by the Pharmaceutical Association of Thessaloniki, on 14 and 15 October 2017, at the Conference Center « I. Vellidis « .
The exhibition has been a pole of attraction for thousands of pharmacists and representatives of the pharmaceutical market all over Greece.
With the central message « The Pharmacy in the … Microscope », 17 PHARMA point sought to « investigate » changes in the pharmacy area, « analyze » the consequences and « seek » solutions.

UNI-PHARMA, Α Diamond of the Greek Economy for 54 years

For another consecutive year, UNI-PHARMA KLEON TSETIS SA was selected and recognized among « The most admired enterprises ».
This recognition was the result of an evaluation of more than 300 businesses based on specific economic indicators and criteria, such as profitability, debt, liquidity, equity to others, and specific business factors such as invested capital from companies, their human potential as well as corporate and social responsibility.
Uni-Pharma was awarded during a brilliant ceremony organized by New Times Publishing under the support of the Athens Stock Exchange and the Greek National Tourism Organization and was held on Tuesday, July 4, 2017 at Great Britain Hotel.
In addition, for the first time in the framework of the « Diamonds » institution, the Managing Director of Uni-pharma, Mrs. Ioulia Tsetis, received the special award for female entrepreneurship.
As Mrs. Julia Tseti said at the reception of the award « The things that the diamond represents, such as Timelessness, Constant Value and Transparency, are the components of the company’s « diamond  » shielding”.

World Thyroid Day

The public was successfully informed about the World Thyroid Day, at Syntagma Square and at Agia Sophia Square in Thessaloniki. Nowadays, thyroid illnesses are on the rise internationally. The  » Thyroid day campaign » was organized with the help of the Greek Endocrinology Society and the collaboration of the Uni-Pharma Pharmaceutical Industry, which is always a helper in social care issues.

Salus Index Awards 2016

UNI-PHARMA S.A received the “‘Excellence and Competition Award” in the field of Health-Medicine and Beauty, as part of the Salus Index Award Scheme 2016.
This comes to further certify the continuous improvement of UNI-PHARMA’s Business Model.
UNI-PHARMA’s dynamic development is based on its investments in research and development, its excellent and innovative production procedures as well as its working model which has been designed to utilize and develop personnel skills, encourage and recognize individual and team efforts, creativity, environmental sensitivity and social contribution.
It is important to mention that Salus Index Awards’ selection of nominating companies, was based on strict and objectively criteria such as:
1. Companies with high profits
2. Companies with the most employment in the Fiscal year
3. Companies with the most important Investment plans during the previous 2 years
4. Companies with investments in research and development and collaborative projects.
The award ceremony was held at the Grand Bretagne Athens Hotel, organized by the Active Business Publishing Association.

“Drop of Life”, UNI-PHARMA Employee Blood Bank

Committed to the Responsibility Principles, UNI-PHARMA organized in October 2016 the first employee volunteer blood donation, in cooperation with Saint Olga’s Athens hospital.
The name of the Blood Bank is “Drop of Life”, “Stagona Zois”.
More than 30 employees had the opportunity to donate blood, while employees working in the sales department donate blood to public hospitals all around Greece