Tsetis Pharmaceuticals Group, welcomed in 2019 with a brilliant Event!

A brilliant event took place on Friday, January 4th, in order to celebrate the new year.

During the event, employees had the opportunity to exchange wishes and also to discuss with the administration about the new 2019 targets.

In her speech, the chairman and managing director of the Group, Mrs. Ioulia Tseti, thanked the staff for their significant contribution to the growth of the companies and asked the staff to show faith, dedication, self-improvement and accountability in 2019.

Mrs. Tsetis also mentioned the important social activities of the Group. Specifically:

The ‘AMKE KLEON TSETIS’ Foundation, which is a focal point of social actions, aiming to support the academic, research and academic community as well as the new generation of scientists.

Also the ‘Apostoli Zois’, another remarkable social action that travels to every remote part of the country by carrying out preventive medical and dental examinations.

The chairman & CEO of the Group also referred to the need to raise awareness among all employees of environmental actions for the whole of 2019.

Good and creative year for all !!