Therapeutic Categories

Medicines for diabetes

ANOVIS 3mg Tablets (glimperide)

ASUGRIN 5mg Tablets (glibenclamide)

GLYCOFREN 850 mg/tab Film-coated tablets (metformin)   

GLYCOFREN 1000 mg/tab Film-coated tablets (metformin) 

Medicines for thyroid disease

DITHYRON (50+12.5) mcg Tablets (levothyroxine sodium & liothyronine sodium)

PROTHURIL 50mg Tablets (propylthiouracil)

T3 tablets 20mcg Tablets (liothyronine sodium)       

T3 tablets 25mcg Tablets (liothyronine sodium)

THYROFIX 25mcg Tablets (levothyroxine sodium)    

THYROFIX 50mcg Tablets (levothyroxine sodium)

THYROFIX 75mcg Tablets (levothyroxine sodium)    

THYROFIX 100mcg Tablets (levothyroxine sodium)  

UNIMAZOLE 5 mg Tablets (methimazole)

UNIMAZOLE 10 mg Tablets (methimazole)

UNIMAZOLE 20 mg Tablets (methimazole)

Medicinal products for diseases of the Central Nervous System

ANTIVOM 8 mg Tablets (betahistine dihydrochloride)

ANTIVOM 16 mg Tablets (betahistine dihydrochloride)

OXYNIUM 1g/5ml Injection solution (piracetam)

OXYNIUM 1250mg/10ml Oral solution, single dose (piracetam)

OXYNIUM 1200mg Tablets (piracetam)

OXYNIUM 800mg Tablets (piracetam)

IREMOFAR 10mg Oral solution (hydroxyzine hydrochloride)

IREMOFAR 25mg Tablets (hydroxyzine hydrochloride)

Medicinal products for analgesia and fever

APOTEL C (500+300) mg Effervescent tablets (paracetamol & Vit C)

APOTEL 500mg Coated tablets (paracetamol)

APOTEL 100mg/ml Oral drops, solution (paracetamol)

APOTEL 500mg Effervescent tablets (paracetamol)

APOTEL EXTRA (500+65) mg Effervescent tablets (paracetamol & caffeine)

APOTEL EXTRA (500+65) mg Tablets (paracetamol & caffeine)

APOTEL HOT LEMON & HONEY 1000 mg Effervescent granules (paracetamol)

APOTEL MAX 1g/100ml Solution for infusion (paracetamol)

APOTEL PLUS (600+20) mg Injection solution (paracetamol & lidocaine)

APOTEL 1g/6.7 ml Solution for infusion (paracetamol)        

APOTEL 125 mg Suppositories (paracetamol)          

APOTEL 250 mg Suppositories (paracetamol)

APOTEL 500 mg Suppositories (paracetamol)

APOTEL 120 mg/5 ml Syrup (paracetamol)

SPLENTIR (400x200x50) mg Tablets (aspirin & acetaminophen & caffeine)

TREBON GRIPPE Day and Night (500+4)mg/tab Effervescent tablets (paracetamol & pseudoephedrine & acetylcysteine & chlorphenamine)    

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

DRASTIREL 100mg/2ml Injection solution (ketoprofen)

IASAN  100mg Tablets (aceclofenac)

SALOSPIR 500mg Effervescent tablets(acetylsalicylic acid)  

SALOSPIR C-500 (500+300)mg Effervescent tablets(acetylsalicylic acid)     

MINIFLAM 1% Gel (diclofenac)

SALOSPIR 500mg Gastro-resistant tablets (acetylsalicylic acid)

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

BLOCATENS 10mg Tablets (bisoprolol hemifumarate)         

CURILEN (10+100) mg/cap Hard capsules (bisoprolol & acetylsalicylic acid)

CURILEN (5+100) mg/cap Hard capsules (bisoprolol & acetylsalicylic acid)

EPLERIUM 25 mg/tab Film-coated tablets (eplerenone)      

PROLIPID 500 (90+60) mg Soft capsules (ω3 epa + dha)

DIUREN 25mg Tablets (hydrochlorothiazide)

HYDROFLUX 40mg Tablets (furosemide) -INTERMED

HYDROFLUX 20mg/2ml Injection solution (furosemide) -INTERMED

KARPIN 10g Hard capsules (amlodipine besylate)     DOXYTREX 500mg Capsules (calcium dobesilate)

Medicinal products for blood diseases

ARTICLOX 1g/2ml Injection solution (hydroxocobalamin B12)         

FANOLIT 0.5 mg Tablets (folic acid)

FANOLIT 5 mg Tablets (folic acid)

HEMAFER 100mg Chewable tablets (ferric polymaltose complex)  

HEMAFER FOL 100 mg + 0.350 mg Chewable tablets (folic acid & ferric polymaltose complex)     

HEMAFER 357(Fe+++100)mg Effervescent tablets (ferric polymaltose complex)

HEMAFER FOL 100 mg + 0.350 mg Effervescent tablets (folic acid & ferric polymaltose complex)

HEMAFER. (I.M.) 332 (100Fe+++)]mg/2ml Injection solution  (ferric polymaltose complex) 

HEMAFER 50mg/ml Oral drops, solution (ferric polymaltose complex)   

HEMAFER 100mg/5ml Oral solution single-dose (ferric polymaltose complex)

HEMAFER-S 100mg/5ml Concentrate for solution for infusion (iron(iii)sucrose complex)

HEMAFER 50mg/5ml Syrup (ferric polymaltose complex)    

OMALIN 800mg (equal to fe+++ 40mg) / 15ml vial Oral solution (ferric proteinsuccinylate)

Dermatological medicinal products for topical administration

LEUCODININE 10% w/w Ointment (mequinol)

LOTORIN 2% w/v Cutaneous solution (minoxidil)

LOTORIN 5% w/v Cutaneous solution (minoxidil) OPRALIX (2.5%+2.5%) w/w Cream (lidocaine+prilocaine)

Medicinal products for the digestive system

NOPAR 4mg/ml Oral drops, solution (homatropine methylbromide)

PEPTONORM 1000mg/5ml Granules for oral suspension (sucralfate)

PEPTONORM 1000mg/5ml Oral suspension single dose (sucralfate)

PEPTONORM 1000mg Tablets (sucralfate)

RHEOSTOP 2mg Tablets (loperamide)           

RHEOSTOP 2mg Tablets (loperamide)

SPASMO-APOTEL (500+100)mg Coated tablets (paracetamol & hyoscine)

SPASMO-APOTEL (600+20)mg/4ml Injection solution (paracetamol & hyoscine)

SPASMO-APOTEL (800+10)mg Suppositories (paracetamol & hyoscine)

ZOLIDEN 150mg Effervescent tablets (ranitidine)

CLINITRAT 6.563 mg/g (1) + 175.4 mg/g (2) + 89.3 mg/g (3) + 23.3 mg/g Powder for oral solution (macrogol + sodium chloride + bicarbonate + potassium chloride) 

Ophthalmic medicinal products

OPHTHA-BIOTIC (20+5) mg/ml Eye drops, solution (dorzolamide hydrochloride + timolol maleate)

Corticosteroid drugs

PROVIST 16mg Tablets (methylprednisolone)

LISOBRON 0,025% w/w Cream (budesonide)

Medicinal products for diseases of the circulatory system

SALOSPIR 100mg Gastro-resistant tablets (acetylsalicylic acid)

SALOSPIR 325mg Gastro-resistant tablets (acetylsalicylic acid)

SALOSPIR 80mg Gastro-resistant tablets (acetylsalicylic acid)

Medicinal products for arthropathy and musculoskeletal disorders

SOLURIC 300mg Controlled release tablets (allopurinol)

SOLURIC 100mg Tablets (allopurinol)

SOLURIC 300mg Tablets (allopurinol)

OSTOPOR 200mg Capsules (etidronate disodium)

BEST 1.884 (1.5) g Powder for oral solution (glucosamine sulfate)

Medicinal products for diseases of the respiratory system

ASCOLIN 10mg Film-coated tablets (montelukast)  

BISORAL (0.66+5) mg Lozenges (benzocaine & cetylpyridinium hydrochloride)-INTERMED

TREBON N 600mg Effervescent tablets (acetylcysteine)

TREBON N 600mg Granules for oral suspension (acetylcysteine)

TREBON N 200mg Granules for oral suspension (acetylcysteine)

TREBON N 100mg Granules for oral suspension (acetylcysteine)

TREBON N 200mg/5ml Powder for oral suspension (acetylcysteine)

UNIPHYLLIN 240mg / 4ml Injection solution (theophylline)

UNIPHYLLIN 300mg Sustained release tablets (theophylline)

HISTAFREN 10mg Tablets (cetirizine)

STRABEN 8.75mg Lozenges (flurbiprofen)   

Pharmaceutical products of minerals and amino acids

TROFOCARD 614,8(60,77Mg++)mg Injection solution (magnesium aspartate)

TROFOCARD 1229,6(121,5Mg++)mg Granules for oral solution single dose (magnesium aspartate)

TROFOCARD 614,8(60,77Mg++)mg  Gastro-resistant tablets (magnesium aspartate)

TROFOCARD MAX 1229,6(121,5Mg++)mg Film-coated tablets (magnesium aspartate)

TROFOCARD MAX      2459,2(243Mg++)mg Granules for oral solution single dose (magnesium aspartate)

CALCIOMAX 1000 (Ca2+) mg/tab Effervescent tablets (calcium lactate gluconate & calcium carbonate)          

INTELECTA 1g/5ml Injection solution (levocarnitine)

INTELECTA 2g/5ml Injection solution (levocarnitine)

INTELECTA 2g /10ml Oral solution (levocarnitine)

INTELECTA 1g/10ml Oral solution (levocarnitine)

INTELECTA 2g    Effervescent granules (levocarnitine)

INTELECTA 1g Effervescent granules (levocarnitine)

Vitamin medicinal products

VITORANGE 1g Granules for oral solution single dose (vit c)

VITORANGE 1g Effervescent tablets  (vit c)