Therapeutic category: Prescription Medicines, Thiazide-like Diuretic
Active substance: Chlorthalidone
Chlorthalidone is a benzothiadiazine (thiazide)-related diuretic with a long duration of action.
Thiazide and thiazide-like diuretics act primarily on the distal renal tubule (early convoluted part), inhibiting NaCl¯ reabsorption (by antagonising the Na+ – Cl- cotransporter) and promoting Ca++ reabsorption. The enhanced delivery of Na+ and water to the cortical collection tubule and/or the increased flow rate leads to increased secretion and excretion of K+ and H+.
Thiazide-induced diuresis initially leads to decreases in plasma volume, cardiac output, and systemic blood pressure.
Each UNIDONE® tablet contains 25 mg Chlorthalidone.
The scored tablets can be divided in two equal doses.
Therapeutic indications:
Treatment of arterial hypertension, essential or nephrogenic or isolated systolic.
Treatment of stable, chronic heart failure of mild to moderate degree (New York Heart Association, NYHA: functional class II or III)
Oedema of specific origin
• Ascites due to cirrhosis of the liver in stable patients under close control.
• Oedema due to nephrotic syndrome.
Diabetes Insipidus.

UNIDONE® 25mg in a package of 20 tablets.
The dosage of UNIDONE® should be individually titrated to give the lowest effective dose. This is particularly important in the elderly.
The recommended starting dose is 25mg/day.
Stable, chronic heart failure (NYHA: functional class II /III)
The recommended starting dose is 25 to 50mg/day. In severe cases it may be increased up to 100 -200 mg/day. The usual maintenance dose is the lowest effective dose, e.g. 25- 50 mg/day either daily or every other day.
Oedema of specific origin
The lowest effective dose is to be identified by titration and administered over limited periods only. It is recommended that doses should not exceed 50mg/day.
Diabetes insipidus
Initially 100 mg twice daily but reducing where possible to a daily maintenance dose of 50 mg.
Method of administration:
UNIDONE® should be taken orally, preferably as a single daily dose at breakfast time.

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