CURAderm® Powder Spray

Cutaneous spray in the form of powder


CURAderm® Powder Spray is a medical device in the form of powder within a pressurized container, which is intended for topical application. It is ideal for the management and treatment of minor cutaneous lesions, such as cuts, abrasions, scratches, burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers etc. It is indicated for the support of the physiological wound healing process of the traumatised skin.

Light kaolin and sodium hyaluronate are its main ingredients.

Light kaolin acts as a protective mechanical barrier of the a–ected skin against external infectious agents, while it drains and absorbs exudates. Sodium hyaluronate contributes to the healing process of the traumatized skin, as well as to the hydration of the a–ected area.

The factor silver sulfadiazine preserves the microbiological stability of the product.

Package: Spray bottle of 125ml