D3 FIX (1200IU) & K2

Vitamin K2 is extremely important for bone strengthening and maintaining clean areas such as arteries and soft tissues from excess calcium. Vitamin K in combination with vitamin D significantly increases bone density compared to vitamin K alone…


1200 IU Vitamin D3 + 45 μg Vitamin K2

Vitamins D & K are fat soluble vitamins and play an essential role in maintaining the organism in a good condition.

Vitamin D3 is produced in the skin through the photolytic action of ultraviolet radiation. Besides the fact that each organism can produce Vitamin D3, the modern lifestyle and the inadequate exposure to sunlight result to

Vitamin D3 deficiency, which must be supplemented through nutrition.

Vitamin K is a cofactor in a number of biochemical pathways and it can be found in leafy green vegetables and

in fermented dairy products.


Vitamin D3 contributes to:

Normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus

Normal blood calcium levels

The maintenance of normal bones & teeth

The maintenance of normal muscle function

The normal function of the immune system

The process of cell division


Vitamin K2 contributes to:

Normal blood clotting

The maintenance of normal bones


One tablet per day along with a fat-containing meal. The vitamins it contains are fat-soluble and their

ingestion with fat-containing foods helps to a better absorption. Fat-containing foods include: full-fat milk &

yogurt, fatty fish (salmon, sardine etc), nuts and foods containing olive oil.

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