Health & Safety Awards 2019: Important distinctions of ΟFET for Health and Safety practices.

Τhe Group of Tsetis’ Pharmaceutical Companies (OFET), awarded at the Health & Safety Awards Ceremony organized by the Boussias Communications Group, on Tuesday 27 March 2019.


In particular, the Group distinguished:


In the section: Activities at Facilities and Activities at Work Establishments, with Silver Award for UNI-PHARMA’s new modern Bioclimatic Building. The prize was received by Mr. Vrettos Michalis, Facilities Supervisor.


In the section: Corporate Health & Safety Culture Activities / Activities for Building Health & Safety Corporate Culture with Bronze, for Education and Raising Awareness of OFET Group on Health and Safety issues. The award was received by Mrs. Liokalou Maria, Quality Assurance & Environmental Health & Safety Manager.


And finally,

In the section: Companies & Organizations, Highly Commended for Health and Safety in the OFET Group. The award was received by Mr. Georgopoulos George, Safety Officer.

Uni-pharma participates at the Dental Exhibition AEEDC in Dubai.

Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group (Uni – Pharma & Intermed) participated at the largest Dental event in the wider Mediterranean and Saudi Arabia region, AEDDC.

The central title of this year’s exhibition was “Education & Innovation Transfer,” while over 150 international and local speakers spoke in the framework of the international exhibition.

It is noteworthy that more than 2,484 exhibitors were hosted in the exhibition, presenting their latest technologies and products.

Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group, could not miss such an important event. With the strong product portfolio, Uni – Pharma & InterMed made a strong presence in a booth that was visited by lot of people and potential collaborators.

Tsetis Pharmaceuticals Group, welcomed in 2019 with a brilliant Event!

A brilliant event took place on Friday, January 4th, in order to celebrate the new year.

During the event, employees had the opportunity to exchange wishes and also to discuss with the administration about the new 2019 targets.

In her speech, the chairman and managing director of the Group, Mrs. Ioulia Tseti, thanked the staff for their significant contribution to the growth of the companies and asked the staff to show faith, dedication, self-improvement and accountability in 2019.

Mrs. Tsetis also mentioned the important social activities of the Group. Specifically:

The ‘AMKE KLEON TSETIS’ Foundation, which is a focal point of social actions, aiming to support the academic, research and academic community as well as the new generation of scientists.

Also the ‘Apostoli Zois’, another remarkable social action that travels to every remote part of the country by carrying out preventive medical and dental examinations.

The chairman & CEO of the Group also referred to the need to raise awareness among all employees of environmental actions for the whole of 2019.

Good and creative year for all !!

The great significance of prebiotics for our health and the prevention of chronic diseases-Speech of prof. Giamarellos-Bourboulis in the 8th Pancypriot Pharmaceutical congress.

The value of prebiotics for our health not only for the good function of the bowel but also for the prevention of chronic diseases was once more pointed out during the speech of the professor of Pathology in the 4th Pathology clinic of the medical school of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Evaggelos Giamarellos-Mpourmpoulis, in the context of the 8th Pancypriot Pharmaceutical Congress.

The congress was held at the weekend of 17 and 18 November in Nicosia and Pharmabelle, the commercial company of the Tsetis Pharmaceutical Business Group, declared their presence strongly , at the same time supporting the Professor’s speech.

As stated by Pr  Giamaraellos among others in his speech, “the word “prebiotics” is an accurate translation in Greek of the anglosaxon word probiotic and it comes from the prefix “pro” which means “for” and the word “viosi” which means “life”. Therefore, prebiotics are still bacteria or fungi that if consumed in sufficient quantities help in the better quality of living or protect life. The prebiotic bacteria use lactic acid as their nutritional content and for this reason they are known as lactobacilli. Their significance has been proven by a revolution in our knowledge for the understanding of chronic diseases. The last 10 years we have learned that in our bowel reside almost 1 billion different microorganisms per bowel grammar with which we live in harmony .”

And the professor went on, “the success of therapy with prebiotics, is based on an essential condition; the pharmaceutical formulation that will be administered should resemble as much as possible the “ecosystem” of the bowel. For this reason, pharmaceutics that contain more than one prebiotics should be prescribed, exactly like the “microvioma” (good bowel bacteria) consists of more than one microorganisms. Also, the pharmaceutics administered should contain the quantity of billion prebiotics exactly like the “microvioma”(good bowel bacteria) consists of billion microorganisms. Attention should be paid on behalf of the patients to the fact that prebiotics contained in food like yoghurts correspond in only a few thousand prebiotics hence they are not suitable for therapeutic use.

In Greece among the available prebiotic pharmaceutics the only for which there are clinical laboratory studies is  Lactoleuvre®, by Uni-pharma company, that contains per cap 1.5 billion germs of the type Saccharomyces boulardii, 1.75 billion germs of the type Bifidobacterium lactis, 1.5 billion germs of the type  Lactobacillus acidophilus and half billion germs of the type Lactobacillus plantarum.

The clinical effectiveness of this pharmaceutics has been proven in two big studies on Greek patients that have been carried out by our research group in the University General Hospital ATTIKON. Recently the second study was completed, throughout which the pharmaceutics Lactoleuvre was given to people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome every day for a whole month. Τhe patients were evaluated one month after the cease of the treatment. It was found out that symptoms of constipation and abdominal pain had been seriously reduced while at least 50% of the patients reported amelioration of the quality of their life.


Uni-pharma & InterMed, once again glowed during the Best in Pharmacy 2018 Award Ceremony, winning a total of three – Gold, Silver and Bronze awards- for the high quality products but also their social responsibility.

In detail, the distinctions received by the Uni-pharma & InterMed pharmaceutical companies are the following:

Bronze for the best pharmacy product marketing campaign with a large budget REPEL by UNI-PHARMA KLEON TSETTIS PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES SA. The prize was received by Uni-pharma Sales Manager, Stamatis Lygizos.

Gold, for the most innovative new pharmacy product EVA Mycosis – INTERMED. The award was received by InterMed’s Brand Manager, Myrto Rapti.

Silver for the best pharmacy product of the year in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility U & I CARE – Uni-pharma SA – InterMed SA. The award was received by the Head of CSR of the Pharmaceutical Business Group, Victoria Mikaelidou.

Golden Award for Responsible and Ethical Business

Golden Award for Responsible and Ethical Business in accordance with the Responsible Management Excellence Model was received by the pharmaceutical company Uni-pharma, member of the Pharmaceutical Enterprises Group, O.F.E.T, on Tuesday, July 3 2018.

This is another important distinction that underlines the company’s commitment to Ethics, Social Responsibility and Excellence.

It is important to mention that the companies of the  Pharmaceutical Enterprises Group, O.F.E.T are the only ones in Greece with such a high level of certification regarding business ethics issues.

The award was received by Victoria Michailidou, HR Officer, who highlighted among others her attitude:

“It is a great pleasure and honor for our company  to receive these distinctions today! Distinctions that are inseparably linked to two of our Values, Ethics and Responsibility, Ethos and Accountability.”

Healthplex Expo 2018

Natural & Nutraceutical Products China 2018

Uni-Pharma participated in Healthplex Expo and Natural & Nutraceutical Products China 2018 (HNC) that took place in Shanghai China on 19-21 June 2018. ΗΝC has been serving the Chinese health industry for 9 years, and has become the best dedicated industry-chain event  for nutraceutical, health food, and dietary supplement, which is co-located with Hi China and CPhI China.

ESE 2018

On May 19-22, was held in Barcelona, one of the largest events of the Endocrinological Community, the 20th European Endocrinology Conference, ECE 2018. Uni-Pharma, had a strong presence at this conference with Stand, demonstrating in practice the company’s dynamic in international markets, with established medicines and products.

Vitafoods 2018

Uni- Pharma participated in the well-known annual event – Vitafoods Europe that took place in Geneva, 15 – 17 May 2018. Vitafoods exhibition is the place where the global nutraceutical supply chain comes together to do business. Source leading suppliers of dietary supplements, functional food and beverages and high quality service and equipment providers participated in the exhibition. Uni- Pharma participated in order to enrich the understanding and explore the most important market trends, regulatory complexities, packaging and labelling challenges.