Health & Safety Awards 2019: Important distinctions of ΟFET for Health and Safety practices

The Group of Tsetis’ Pharmaceutical Companies (OFET), awarded at the Health & Safety Awards Ceremony organized by the Boussias Communications Group, on Tuesday 27 March 2019.

In particular, the Group distinguished:

In the section: Activities at Facilities and Activities at Work Establishments, with Silver Award for UNI-PHARMA’s new modern Bioclimatic Building. The prize was received by Mr. Vrettos Michalis, Facilities Supervisor.

In the section: Corporate Health & Safety Culture Activities / Activities for Building Health & Safety Corporate Culture with Bronze, for Education and Raising Awareness of OFET Group on Health and Safety issues. The award was received by Mrs. Liokalou Maria, Quality Assurance & Environmental Health & Safety Manager.

And finally,

In the section: Companies & Organizations, Highly Commended for Health and Safety in the OFET Group. The award was received by Mr. Georgopoulos George, Safety Officer.