Environmental Management & Sustainable Development

"Working towards a sustainable future"

We strive for a sustainable future with distinct efforts in two major areas of enviromental protection:

  • “Environmental Management”, which accumulates all operations at a corporate level that aim to the constant improvement of the industry’s ecological performance
  • “Environmental Protection”, which consists of the individual actions of all employees in terms of preserving the environmental wealth and the rational management of natural resources

As a company with manufacturing facilities, where we produce with high technical specifications, we strongly feel responsible for going beyond the narrow limits of the Guidelines in areas such as:

  • waste management
  • recycling of packaging and stationery,
  • limitation of pollutant emissions from the vehicles and the production infrastructure
  • removal of all organic solvents from the production processes
  • rational use of energy
  • bioclimatic facilities

UNI-PHARMA’s commitment to environmental management is reflected in the Environmental Policy, in accordance with ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management Standard.

See our Environmental Policy