Our production and facilities

"Manufacturing is our passion. State of the art facilities"

Our production and facilities

UNI-PHARMA’s headquarters and production sites are located in Kifissia, where there are manufactured and packed:

  • pharmaceutical solids : various tablet forms (plain, coated, controlled release), capsules, granules in sachets and low humidity products (effervescent tablets & granules as well as soluble granules & powders in sachets)
  • semi-solids : creams, ointments, gels and suppositories
  • liquids : oral solutions (syrups, elixirs and suspension in bottles, solution in drops and monodose vials) and liquids for external use
  • injectables: injectable products, either by sterile filtration or by final sterilization

Production plants have a total area of 14,000 m2, out of which 12,400 m2 are production and packaging areas.  An independent warehouse of 11,000 m2 is used for the handling and storage of finished products and also as a distribution outlet.

The production facilities that UNI-PHARMA owns today, have resulted from an expansion of the older ones, through the largest recent investment in the Greek pharmaceutical industry.  The new production plant, which was completed in 2012 and started operating in 2015, is a standard of bioclimatic application, geared to the full exploitation of the climatic conditions for its operation while reducing every energy-intensive process, in full harmony with the natural environment. It is equipped with the most advanced technology systems for production, packaging and quality control, while all the processes that take place are monitored and controlled by a new, innovative modern electronic system (BMS). Production capacity of the new plant is 2 billion tablets and 50 million units of injection per year.