Our People

"Our People, Our Power"

Our People, our Power

UNI-PHARMA contributes to the improvement of quality of life, by producing innovative, high-quality pharmaceutical products, by building trust with its customers and by acting with social responsibility to create a sustainable future for all of us.

Committed in this common goal, are our people, who have become members of UNI-PHARMA family with passion and loyalty to the group’s values. With their integrity, responsibility and hard work, our people contributed greatly to establish the leading position of the company in the domestic pharmaceutical market.

Today, we are more innovative and active than ever, and we are working collectively to promote our products in international markets, establishing over time UNI-PHARMA as one of the major Greek exporting pharmaceutical companies.

Our power is constantly increasing with young but also experienced professionals, without discrimination and exclusion. Today, the number of our employees exceeds 270 people.