History & Milestones

"56 years of value creation in the pharmaceutical industry. A story worth telling".

History & Milestones:

The course of UNI-PHARMA in the pharmaceutical industry has been marked also by a numerous of other successful products, which resulted in high gratitude and support from the medical and pharmaceutical world and established the company’s reputation of producing safe, effective and quality products.

  • 1963

    Foundation of UNI-PHARMA

    UNI-PHARMA was founded 57 years ago by the pharmacist, Kleon Tsetis, who had a vision to strengthen the presence of Greek companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry, through the development, production and distribution of innovative drugs. This, was accomplished within the first year of the company’s operation. UNI-PHARMA has been the first company worldwide to introduce phenobarbital as an oral solution, LUMIDROPS®, as well as a combination of phenobarbital and omatropin, NOVALUMINE®.

  • 1977

    Launch of SALOSPIR®

    SALOSPIR®, which was launched in 1977, was the first acetylsalicylic acid-based product introduced in Europe in the form of enteric-coated tablets, with formulations ranging from 80 – 1.000mg.

  • 1990

    Specialization in the treatment of thyroid gland diseases

    T4®, for the treatment of thyroid disorders, is available in 13 different concentrations, providing individualized dosage schemes.

  • 1992

    Launch of APOTEL®

    APOTEL®, which was launched in 1992, was the world’s first injectable paracetamol drug, based on a new method for the dissolution of paracetamol, developed by UNI-PHARMA.

  • 1998

    E.U. patent

    Uni-Pharma was granted an E.U. patent for injectable solutions of paracetamol and paracetamol combinations with other active substances.