About us

We are pursuing EXCELLENCE,
we are awarded for it, we achieve it and we dynamically move forward.

For more than 55 years, in OFET, Tsetis Group of Pharmaceutical Companies, we have chosen the strategy of hard work with integrity and ethos in order to:

  • be the doctor’s and the pharmacist’s first choice when it comes to innovative and added-value products,
  • be present every day in the homes of thousands of people who trust us to improve their health and quality of life,
  • be able to stand by our employees with pride and kindness, enhancing their efforts
  • be able to increase our force with young talented scientists, giving them the opportunity to thrive within their own country,
  • be able to contribute to the country’s economic development through transparent management, consistency and discipline in laws and rules,
  • be able to open up new markets that have the prerequisites to accept the range of our products
  • be able to keep a strong link with the most successful examples of our country’s business history.

Countering the pessimistic times we live, we are pursuing EXCELLENCE, not only as an antidote, but as an elixir for pessimism in the depressed society we live in and we are awarded for it, we achieve it and we dynamically move forward.


Our vision is to lead a constantly changing pharmaceutical environment by providing high-quality, innovative, safe and effective products.




we feel compelled to reward your confidence on us, not only by developing and producing safe and innovative products of high quality and expertise, but also through dynamic initiatives stemming from a deep sense of responsibility for our fellow people and future generation.


Uni-Pharma manufactures pharmaceutical products of innovative technologies for drug delivery of the highest quality, promising effctiveness and safety.